Describe the events which led to the change in the peddler’s way of life

Describe the events which led to the change in the peddler’s way of life. [CBSE (AI) 2008C]

Answer: The peddler had been living a despicable life of poverty, despair and frustration. His only aim in life was to accomplish things in life. He did not care about the means he chose to acquire the material substances in life. Be it beggary, theft or cheating someone, he did not shy away from anything. His view towards society was in fact shaped by the apathetic and indifferent attitude of society towards him. He was never shown any understanding, respect or kindness by anyone. He did not have any respect for anyone and viewed the whole world as a rattrap. He felt that the riches and luxuries of life were baits to entice people into a vicious cycle of struggles, from which there was no escape. Neither the crofter’s hospitality nor the ironmaster’s invitation to his house brought about any change in him. It was only when he met the ironmaster’s daughter, Edla that his outlook towards life changed. Edla’s warmth, kindness, compassion and genuineness touched him. He left a rattrap as a Christmas gift for Edla and enclosed a letter thanking her for her kindness. He also confessed to stealing money from the crofter and left the money to be restored to the owner. This way, he redeemed himself from his dishonest ways and emerged as an altogether transformed person. In this transformation process, he behaved like a real captain, the way Edla addressed him.

Describe the events which led to the change in the peddler’s way of life

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