Describe the peddler’s meeting with the ironmaster. Why did he decline his invitation?

Describe the peddler’s meeting with the ironmaster. Why did he decline his invitation? [CBSE Delhi 2008; (AI) 2008]

Answer: It was by chance that the peddler found himself at the Ramsjö Ironworks. It was a dark evening before Christmas. The peddler opened the gate and stood close to the furnace. It was nothing unusual for poor vagabonds to have night shelter in the winter in front of the fire. The ironmaster noticed the peddler. He walked close up to him and looked him over very carefully. He mistook him for Captain Stahle, an old comrade of his regiment. He felt sorry that he had resigned from the regiment long ago. The ironmaster invited the peddler home as their special guest on Christmas. The peddler was not amused. He didn’t want to be received by the owner like an old regimental comrade. He looked quite alarmed and declined the invitation. Going to the manor house appeared like throwing himself voluntarily into the lion’s den. He didn’t want to go there. He only wanted to spend the night in the forge. He wanted to sneak away in the morning unnoticed. Then he thought of the thirty kronor. They were bait and he couldn’t resist the temptation. Now again the bait had been thrown at him. He had to resist the temptation and decline the invitation. The ironmaster only assumed that the peddler felt embarrassed because of his miserable clothing.

Describe the peddler’s meeting with the ironmaster. Why did he decline his invitation?

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