Discuss the following techniques of Scientific Work-Study:

Discuss the following techniques of Scientific Work-Study:

(a) Time Study

(b) Motion Study

(c) Fatigue Study

(d) Method Study

(e) Simplification and standardisation of work.


(a) Time Study- In this technique, Taylor emphasised setting a standard time limit for completing any particular job. Time measuring devices are used for each element of the task. The standard time is fixed for the whole of the task by taking several readings. The method of time study will depend upon the volume and frequency of the task, the cycle time of the operation and time measurement costs. The objective of the time study is to determine the number of workers to be employed; frame suitable incentive schemes and determine labour costs. For example, if, on the basis of observations it is determined that one person can finish making 1 shirt in two hours then, in a working day of 8 hours, each worker should make 4 shirts.

(b) Motion Study- As the name suggests, motion study refers to the study of motion (movements) involved while undertaking a task. This technique aims at removing the unwanted actions/motions so that the work can be completed in a lesser time. Taylor along with his associate Frank Gailberth observed the motions of a worker and categorized them as productive, incidental and unproductive. They demonstrated that by eliminating the unproductive movements productivity can be increased. For example, in brick layering, they demonstrated that productivity increased by nearly 4 times by reducing the motions from 18 to 5.

(c) Fatigue Study- This technique is regarding the requirement of rest or breaks during work. If a worker works continuously physical and mental fatigue sets. This reduces his/her efficiency. Thus, the worker requires rest or break. Fatigue study identifies the intervals required while completing a task. It suggests that standard break timings should be decided for improving the working performance of workers.

(d) Method Study- This study aims at finding out the best method of completing any work. It takes into account each and every activity involved in the task. It helps in reducing costs and maximizing the satisfaction of the customers. Assembly line production, used by Ford Motors is a popular example of method study.

(e) Simplification and Standardisation of Work- Taylor holds up standardisation as the very basis of techniques of scientific management. Standardisation as the word suggests implies setting milestones or benchmarks for any work or activity. Various other techniques by Taylor, such as method study, fatigue study and time study are also based on the concept of standardisation. The objectives of standardisation are:

(i) To reduce a given line or product to fixed types, sizes and characteristics.

(ii) To establish interchangeability of manufactured parts and products.

(iii) To establish standards of excellence and quality in materials.

(iv) To establish standards of performance of men and machines. Simplification on the other hand means eliminating any unnecessary diversifications in the product. It aims at fuller utilisation of the resources, reducing inventories and increasing the turnover. It helps in reducing the costs of labour and machines. This technique helps in optimum utilisation of resources and removes unnecessary costs.

Discuss the following techniques of Scientific Work-Study:

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