Compare and contrast Sophie and Jansie, highlighting their temperaments and aspirations

Question: Compare and contrast Sophie and Jansie, highlighting their temperaments and aspirations. [CBSE Delhi 2012] Class 12 English Flamingo Solutio

Question: Compare and contrast Sophie and Jansie, highlighting their temperaments and aspirations. [CBSE Delhi 2012]

Answer: Sophie and Jansie are classmates. They belong to lower-middle-class families. Both of them are earmarked for biscuit factory. Jansie’s feet are firmly planted on the ground. But Sophie is totally blind to the harsh realities of life. She dreams of big and beautiful things. She wants to have a boutique. She thinks of becoming an actress as there is a lot of money in this profession. If need be, she can also be a fashion designer. In short, she loves to be grand and sophisticated. All her dreams are beyond her reach and resources. Jansie advises her to be sensible, but she remains a romantic dreamer. Sophie and Jansie differ in thinking and temperament. Sophie is lost in her dream world. She shares her secret with only one person. It is her elder brother, Geoff. Jansie is ‘nosey’. She takes interest in learning new things about others. She can spread the story in the whole neighbourhood; so Sophie does not want to share secrets with her. Sophie is an incurable dreamer and escapist. She adores young Irish footballer Danny Casey. She develops a fascination for him. She becomes sad and helpless but she doesn’t become wiser. She remains a dreamer. Jansie is practical and a realist. She has no such unrealistic dreams.

Question: Compare and contrast Sophie and Jansie, highlighting their temperaments and aspirations. [CBSE Delhi 2012]

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