Discuss the social objectives of management

Question: Discuss the social objectives of management Class 12 Management Paper Solution with Detailed Solution, Class 12 Management CBSE Paper Soluti

Question: Discuss the social objectives of management.

Answer: Social objectives are defined as the fulfilment of the responsibility of an organisation towards society. Under this objective, the manager promises to assure health, safety and price control. The main social objectives of management are included in the following list:

i). To make available employment opportunities.

ii). To save the environment from getting polluted.

iii). To contribute to improving living standards.

iv). To participate in building charitable trusts, dispensaries, educational institutions, etc.

For example, Asian Paints has provided funds under its community development programme, which made possible the effective utilisation of local resources by the farmers. In the same manner, the Steel Authority of India regularly provides services related to agriculture, industry, education, health, etc. to the people living nearby its steel plant.

Question: Discuss the social objectives of management