Do you think the title of the story ‘Going Places’ by A.R. Barton is appropriate? Discuss

Question: Do you think the title of the story ‘Going Places’ by A.R. Barton is appropriate? Discuss.

Answer: The author A.R. Burton has taken the readers to places through his female character Sophie. She was a very sweet and beautiful teenager, who loved fantasising. In the first phase of the journey, she took the readers in search of work. She wanted to have a superb boutique of her own or become a shop manager. She wanted to become an actress to have real money. If not that, she wanted to become a fashion designer though it was a little sophisticated. Her such thinking made her friend Jansie sad as she knew that both of them were earmarked for the biscuit factory. In the second phase of the journey, she suspected the areas of Geoff’s life about which she knew nothing. Geoff never spoke much. When Geoff kept silent, she thought him to be away somewhere out there in the world in those places she had never seen; the adjacent areas of the neighbouring country, its people and thus she had developed a great fascination for them. Riding behind Geoff she took us to the world that one can easily praise. In the final phase, from Royce’s window to Danny Casey, the United’s first squad player. In her excitement and dreaming, Sophie waited under the elm tree near the canal. She pictured Danny Casey really outside Royce’s arcade again. But here she really could not take an autograph because neither had a pen. Thus throughout the story, the reader goes on from place to place but there is no solid result. So the title ‘Going places’ is appropriate.

Question: Do you think the title of the story ‘Going Places’ by A.R. Barton is appropriate? Discuss

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