Normality of 2M sulphuric acid is [AIIMS 1992]

Question: Normality of 2M sulphuric acid is [AIIMS 1992] (a) 2N (b) 4N (c) 2N (d) 4N Chemistry Neet Question Answer, JEE main MCQs Answer, NEET JEE An

Question: Normality of 2M sulphuric acid is [AIIMS 1992]

(a) 2N 

(b) 4N

(c) 2N

(d) 4N

Correct Answer: (b) 4N

Question: Normality of 2M sulphuric acid is [AIIMS 1992] (a) 2N (b) 4N (c) 2N (d) 4N

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