‘Access to book created a new culture of reading’. Support the statement by giving three examples

Question: ‘Access to book created a new culture of reading’. Support the statement by giving three examples.


1. Because of print, now books could reach a wider population and were easily available.

2. Many people who disagreed with the established authority, and were not able to express their thoughts, they could now easily publish what they wrote.

3. What many thinkers wrote was now available to a wider population so, the thought process and opinions of many people changed.

4. Novels created an interest in women lives and their thoughts and aspirations, in fact, they created an interest in their own lives.

5. Access to books led to an increase in the literacy rates of many parts of Europe, and books began to be printed on a large scale.

6. There was experimentation with the different themes of the booksand the genres. Books started to cover themes like poetry, romance, war, women and even spiritual thoughts.

7. Novels were printed, and even stories for children were printed which included folk tales, fairy tales and even moral stories.

8. A children’s press was established in France in 1857 which performed the function of printing for children.

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