Explain common, different, and conflicting goals by giving appropriate examples. (Board Term-I, (64), 2012)

Question: Explain common, different, and conflicting goals by giving appropriate examples. (Board Term-I, (64), 2012)

Answer: Development goals may be common, different or conflicting :

(i) Common Goals : There are some needs which are common to all like income, freedom, equality, security, respect, friendship, etc.

(ii) Different Goals : Development or progress does not mean the same thing for every individual. Each individual has his own idea of development. For example, development for a farmer might be irrigation facilities; for an unemployed youth it may mean employment opportunities, etc.

(iii) Conflicting Goals : What may be development for some may become destruction for some others. Example, Industrialists may want dams for electricity, but such dams would displace the natives of a region by submerging their land.

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