Explain what the reasons for the following are

Question: Explain what the reasons for the following are:

(i) Einstein leaving the school in Munich for good.

(ii) Einstein wanting to study in Switzerland rather than in Munich.

(iii) Einstein seeing in Mileva an ally.

(iv) What do these tell you about Einstein?


(i) Einstein left the school in Munich because he did not like the regimental environment of his school life. He always argued with his teachers as he always had an opinion that was different from theirs. He felt so stifled and therefore, managed to convince his parents to take him out of there.

(ii) Schools in German speaking Switzerland were more liberal than in Munich, that’s why, he preferred to study further in Switzerland.

(iii) Einstein had a special interest in Mileva as he thought she was intelligent and clever. She showed interest in fine arts like music and literature unlike people in his family and at the university.

(iv) All these indicate that Einstein was a visionary. He was intelligent and clever. He never hesitated to voice his opinion. Once, he was sure of his decision and went into action without any hesitation. He left Munich to further his education in Switzerland simply because they were liberal and amenable. He liked to mingle with like-minded people.

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