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Agriculture Domain Paper CUET 2023 Full Syllabus

CUET 2023 Agriculture Domain Paper Full Detail Syllabus Topics Links Unit 1: Agrometeorology, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Biochemistry and Microbiology Click Here Unit 2: Livestock Production Click Here Unit 3: Crop Production Click Here Unit 4: Horticulture Click Here Unit-1: Agrometeorology, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Biochemistry and Microbiology Agrometerology Elements of Weather-rainfall Temperature Humditity Wind Velocity Sunshine weather forecasting Climate change in relation to crop production Genetics and Plant Breeding Cell and its structure, cell division-mitosis and meiosis and their significance

Accountancy CUET 2023 Full Syllabus For CUET Exam

Acountacy CUET 2023 Entrance Exam Full Syllabus With Detail and Clear Explanation Topics Links Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisations and Partnership Firms Unit 1: Accounting Not-for-Profit Organisation Click Here Unit 2: Accounting for Partnership Click Here Unit 3: Reconstitution of Partnership Click Here Unit 4: Dissolution of Partnership Firm Click Here Company Accounts and Financial Statement Analysis Unit 5: Accounting for Share and Debenture Capital Click Here Unit 6: Analysis of Financial Statements Click Here Unit 7: Statement of Changes in Financial Position