Which of these are examples of short-term creditors?

Which of these are examples of short-term creditors?

(a) Financial institutions

(b) Suppliers of goods and services on credit

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above

Answer: (b) Suppliers of goods and services on credit

Which of these are examples of short-term creditors?

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  1. Which of the following describes 'Qualitative characteristic understandability' in the best manner?
  2. Information provided by accounting should be factual and rerifiable. It should be free from error and bias. It should be such that users can depend upon the information provided.
  3. Accounting is a means to determine the current worth of a business enterprise on the basis of its profit earning capacity. The given statement highlights which of the role of accounting?
  4. Which of these are examples of short-term creditors?
  5. Need information to form policies at the macro level and for providing subsidies
  6. Public is not a user of accounting.
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  16. Is the process of grouping the transactions of one nature at one place, in a separate account
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  18. Accounting function is.. in nature
  19. Function is routine and clerical in nature and is increasingly done by computers now-a-days
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  21. One of the limitations of accounting is that the figure given in financial statements ignore the effects of changes in price level
  22. Although accounting provides lot of advantages to the business, it suffers from certain limitations.
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