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What is the % of H₂O in Fe(CNS )₃.3H₂O

Question: What is the % of Hin Fe(CNS )₃.3HO

(a) 45

(b) 30

(c) 19

(d) 25

Correct Answer: (c) 19

Question: What is the % of H₂O in Fe(CNS )₃.3H₂O (a) 45 (b) 30 (c) 19 (d) 25

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  1. On electrical decomposition of 150 ml dry and pure O₂, 10% of O₂ gets changed to O, then the volume of gaseous mixture after reaction and volume of remaining gas left after passing in turpentine oil will be
  2. 16.8 litre gas containing H₂ and O₂ is formed at NTP on electrolysis of water. What should be the weight of electrolysed water
  3. If isobutane and n-butane are present in a gas, then how much oxygen should be required for complete combustion of 5 kg of this gas
  4. How many grams of caustic potash required to completely neutralise 12.6 gm HNO₃
  5. 100 ml of 0.1 N hypo decolourised iodine by the addition of x g of crystalline copper sulphate to excess of KI. The value of ‘x’ is (molecular wt. of CuSO₄.5H₂O is 250)
  6. An electric discharge is passed through a mixture containing 50 c.c. of O₂ and 50 c.c. of H₂. The volume of the gases formed
  7. The ratio of amounts of H₂S needed to precipitate all the metal ions from 100 ml of 1 M AgNO₃ and 100 ml of 1 M CuSO₄ will be
  8. A hydrocarbon contains 86% carbon, 488ml of the hydrocarbon weight 1.68 g at STP. Then the hydrocarbon is an
  9. Number of moles of KMnO₄ required to oxidize one mole of Fe(C₂O₄) in acidic medium is [Haryana CEE 1996]
  10. The amount of water that should be added to 500 ml of 0.5 N solution of NaOH to give a concentration of 10 mg per ml is
  11. The mass of BaCO₃ produced when excess CO₂ is bubbled through a solution of 0.205 mol Ba(OH)₂ is [UPSEAT 2004]
  12. Ca(OH)₂ + H₂PO₄ → CaHPO₄ + 2H₂O the equivalent weight of H3PO4 in the above reaction is [Pb. PMT 2004]
  13. KMnO₄ reacts with ferrous ammonium sulphate according to the equation MnO^4- + 5Fe^2+ 8H^+ → Mn^2+ + 5Fe^3+ + H₂O , here 10 ml of 0.1 M KMnO₄ is equivalent to [CPMT 1999]
  14. Which of the following cannot give iodometric titrations [AIIMS 1997]
  15. How many ml of 1 (M) H₂SO₄ is required to neutralise 10 ml of 1 (M) NaOH solution [MP PET 1998; MNR 1982; MP PMT 1987]
  16. In the preceeding question, the amount of Na₂CO₃ present in the solution is [CPMT 1992]
  17. A solution containing Na₂CO₃ and NaOH requires 300 ml of 0.1 N HCl using phenolpthalein as an indicator. Methyl orange is then added to the above titrated solution when a further 25 ml of 0.2 N HCl is required. The amount of NaOH present in solution is ( NaOH=40, Na₂CO₃=106)
  18. 30 ml of acid solution is neutralized by 15 ml of a 0.2 N base. The strength of acid solution is [CPMT 1986]

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