Convert the play into a story (150—200 words). Your story should be as exciting and as witty as the play. Provide a suitable title

Question: Convert the play into a story (150—200 words). Your story should be as exciting and as witty as the play. Provide a suitable title.

Ans: Gerrard in disguise Gerrard was preparing to go for his drama practice. Dressed in his character’s clothes, he had packed the props that he had laid out on his bed in a box, and was just about to leave. Lo Behold!! There was a knock on the door. He noticed a man at the door, dressed very flashily, wearing a strange look on his face. Assuming him to be a tradesperson, he receives him, to be cut short by the intruder. He takes out his gun and threatens to kill Gerrard. The smart playwright quickly comprehended the intentions of the intruder. He was not very pleased or interested in common courtesies (welcome). He tells Gerrard that he has not gone there with noble intentions. “I have been on the run for a long time, and I would now like to retire and lead a peaceful life. For this, you have to sacrifice your life. Gerrard pretended to be ignorant and asks him why he’d have to sacrifice his life to which the intruder says, “I will kill you, and be Gerrard myself. I look a lot like you. So it would be very convenient for me. Ha Ha!! Now, Gerrard put on his thinking cap and weaves out his action plan. He tells the intruder, “Okay, your welcome to do this. I am fed up of running and hiding from the police myself. I am also wanted for murder. But be sure you are safe, for if you impersonate as Gerrard’s, you will be hung anyway. He then tells the intruder to join him in his plan to escape, “I am worried. I am close to being caught today, I sense danger. Though doubtful of Gerrard’s intentions, he moves and gets trapped very easily in Gerrards wardrobe. Alas! Once again, it is proved beyond doubt that the “Pen is mightier than the sword.

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